Volunteer at The Island Theater Company!

Onstage, Backstage, or in the Lobby, there’s a place for you at The Island Theater Company!

The heart and soul of any theater group is the volunteer force. The Island Theater Company is a place where everyone can quickly become part of the act. The needs will be ever changing and fluid.

There are so many ways you can get involved and be part of the ITC family. If you haven’t acted before, maybe you’d like to give it a go. If you’re not a director, perhaps you’d like to learn stage management, light board operations or help back stage during performances. If you have artistic talent, perhaps you’d like to help paint sets, create original poster art or dress up programs. If you’re a musician, you could join the orchestra on ITC musicals or be part of pre-show entertainment.

You could stuff envelopes, run a screwdriver, hold a ladder, sweep the stage, brush an eyelash, sew a gown, put up a poster, hold a door, hand out a ticket… It’s all volunteers and every volunteer is important at The Island Theater Company. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your theatre community and your community in general, as well as a great way to become a member of the ITC family.

These are a few of the volunteer jobs at ITC: actor, director, production manager, assistant director, prop manager stage manager, lighting designer, set designer, sound designer, costume designer lighting operator, sound operator, costume sewer, backstage crew box office, marketer, photographer
Fill out our form or contact us at info@theateronmarco.com or 239-394-0080 to find out more about volunteering at The Island Theater Company!

    The Island Theater Company Is Dedicated to the Memory of

    Betsy Bitner
    Jennifer Bono
    Chuck Daye
    John Esvang
    Gary Grant
    Amy Hayward
    Leslie Juriet
    Sandy Marzullo
    Eddie Mills
    Edna Partridge
    Cecil Riner
    Pat Traynor
    Joy Shinn

    They Loved The Theater And We Loved Them…